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Usana Health Sciences manufacture world leading, pharmaceutical grade healthcare products and have received numerous accolades and endorsements due to the quality and integrity of their cutting edge product ranges.

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To learn more about me, Andrew Smith, and my personal journey to improved health with Usana, please keep reading ...

USANA Business – An Award Winning Opportunity

From a business perspective, Usana products are unique and consumable, meaning Usana Independent Associates can benefit from passive, residual income streams from repeat orders placed by their customers and Associates. 

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USANA Products & My Health Journey

I was first introduced to Usana in May 2006.  I had recently qualified as a Personal Trainer and was working at a local gym.  By this time I had already made significant improvements in my own health, losing a huge amount of weight and improving my overall health and fitness.  In fact, I originally completed fitness instructor and personal trainer qualifications so that I could gain the knowledge that I needed to take charge of my own health and well-being and this eventually led to me working in the sector.

At this time I still felt that I had some way to go to achieve my own health related goals.  I was still some way away from my ideal weight and I had aspirations of participating in a range of endurance races, such as triathlons, duathlons and half-marathons.

I was approached by a friend of a friend (who has since become a good friend of mine!) and he told me all about the Usana products and business opportunity.  I was immediately impressed by Usana Health Sciences and the endorsements, accolades and testimonials that they had received for both their products and their business opportunity, but I didn’t get involved right away.  Instead I took the necessary time to do my research before making my decision!

I left the meeting that day and immediately went to work researching Usana's products.  What I found changed the way that I felt about nutritional supplements forever!  I already used a range of supplements, which I felt had been instrumental in my health improvements up to that point.  What I didn’t realise what the vast difference in the quality of products that are currently available.  Just as an example, Usana is one of very few companies who manufacture products to pharmaceutical grade standards, where most only manufacture to food grade standards.  I knew from that point that Usana's products would play a big part in my health plan going forward and it wasn’t long before I wanted to share what I had learned with friends and family too!

To cut a long story short, I have since achieved my ideal weight and I regularly compete in a whole host of endurance events.  Last season I completed 9 endurance events, with my greatest achievement to date being the completion of a Half Ironman Triathlon in less than 5 hours!  I have seen improvements year on year since using Usana products and am confident that this year I will achieve more personal bests across a host of endurance disciplines!

USANA Essentials provide the key nutrients that my body needs on a daily basis to keep me feeling healthy, alert and energised.  I have used variations of these supplements every single day since May 2006.  I use either the Usana Healthpak or Myhealthpak products which contain the Usana Essentials, along with some additional Usana Optimizer supplements.  I find I benefit greatly when using Usana Active Calcium, Procossa, Biomega and Proflavanol in conjunction with the Essentials.

USANA Reset enabled me to lose the last few pounds of excess body weight back in 2006 and I continue to use Usana Macro-Optimizers as healthy snacking options throughout the day to provide me with sustained energy (Nutrimeal and Bars).

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USANA Business & Entrepreneurial Spirit

As mentioned earlier, once I learned about the quality and integrity of the Usana products I was keen to share what I had learned with other people.  I hated the idea that my friends and family might be using sub-standard products, putting their health in the hands of less reputable companies.

What I have found is that I have been able to build a solid passive recurring income stream from the repeat orders placed by customers that I have introduced to Usana. Not only that, the time I have spent learning about business and entrepreneurship as a direct result of the people that I have met through Usana has been invaluable!

I have received numerous awards from both Usana and Success Team International due to my ongoing commitment to sharing the Usana vision.  I urge you to do your due diligence and learn what Usana might be able to do for you, your family and your friends, both financially and due to the health benefits that you could all experience with the Usana products!

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